courtesy of Joe Magowan

Barbara Dudek is a Queer music composer and singer. Originally from Poland, they are currently a composition student at Trinity Laban Music Conservatoire in London under Amir Sadeghi Konjani and Stephen Montague. 

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June 2023

‘Breaking points’

In collaboration with performers from Riot Ensemble, I’m produly presenting a short sample study called ‘Breaking points’.  

In these compositions, I’m very much interested in the starting point of a phenomena. Whether that be the visibility of light, the impulse to act or the beginning of overheating the sound (overdrive) I intend to explore the moment of transformation. Musically, I reflected that in oscillations around vocal fry, strings textures breaking around harmonic nods or bowing molto sul pont and recontextualizing medical pamphlets. 
I also invited soprano to improvise using words (stream of thoughts, memory of a dream) and switch between speaking and vocalazing. 

In the score, I asked musicians to match each other’s pitches at times. I wanted to incorporate active listening inside of the scored composition and explore the vagueness in amplifying the sound. 

I also created a composition insipired by Lou Reed’s track under the same title ‘Walk on the wild side’. That’s how I sonically imagine such trip. 

Sarah Parkin - soprano
Rosie Middleton - mezzo soprano,
Stephen Upshaw - viola,
Louise McMonagle - cello

Thanks to my sister Joanna Dudek for the artwork.