courtesy of Joe Magowan

Barbara Dudek is a Queer music composer and singer. Originally from Poland, they are currently a composition student at Trinity Laban Music Conservatoire in London under Amir Sadeghi Konjani and Stephen Montague. 

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January 2021

‘Exercises in Imagination’

Collaboration featuring viola player, composer and improviser Benedict Taylor.

The score presents various opportunities for improvised sound.
Within 15 pages we can find graphics, directions and elements of standard notation combined together.  

Throughout the score we won’t find many dynamic or tempo markings.
The reason for it is, so that the player can make creative,
often unrestricted decisions about production of the sound
according to their emotional
and intellectual response.
The slides are also made to provoke a various level of abstract thinking.

This work was produced as a form of collaborative composition.
It could potentially be used for creative warm ups for players
or faciliating a workshop on improvisation. There are no age restrictions, although some slides might need support from the workshop leader.

Duration: c.20’ minutes

Listen here ︎ SOUNDCLOUD