courtesy of Joe Magowan

Barbara Dudek is a Queer music composer and singer. Originally from Poland, they are currently a composition student at Trinity Laban Music Conservatoire in London under Amir Sadeghi Konjani and Stephen Montague. 

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October 2022

‘Phantom Red’


Comissioned by violinist Andrew Liddell this piece is written for violin, viola, cello and double bass.

Inspired by Tenney’s Koan, this piece focuses on exploring glissandi as a way of moving between pitches. Bringing a more tonal context helps the listener in recognising the shifting notes. In the search for elaborated textures, I asked performers to play molto sul ponticello at times, as well as sul tasto. Harmonics effectively contrast long and rich sounding chords and add movement within the piece. 

Performed and recorded at Trinity Laban Studios. 

Andrew Liddell - violin,
Ivan Illingworth - viola,
Lily Hope - cello,
Alexander Ferkey - double bass,
William Lydon - sound engineering